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Tuesday, 20 November 2007
how to deal with awkward situations
Mood:  crushed out



ok so today after schooli experienced the most awkward situation of my life, i was caught between this guy I  liked named jeremy ( long stroy short it didnt work out so well) and this other guy i liked named jamari ( see he used to like me...well he might still but hes like upset about something and now were just "friends" which is a joke cuz hes always mad at me so we never really talk!). They were blocking both exits and i needed to leave. i could not figure out wich would be less awkward. The way i handled this situation was just to stand there with my friend julia and act like we were doing something. eventually jeremy moved so we quickly and quietly slipped out the door. was this the best way to handle the situation? maybe not but its hard to think on the spot, and so u dont have to i am here to give u some ways to get out of awkward situations.

  1. first of all if you ever find yourself in an awkward situation remember to keep the 3 c's: calm, cool, confident. in other words act like the situation is not awkward
  2. ok say some person comes up to u and says "hey (your name here)!" you remember meetng this person but his/her name isnt ringing a advice here would be just to be honest. tell the person that you completly remember meeting him/her but you arent that good with names, and when they tell you wether you remember them telling you before or not say "oh yes how stupid of me i totally remember you telling me that!" just to make up for not knowing their name.
  3. now this is an espiecially awkward one for me because i never know what to say. say one of your friends comes up to u crying  and says " my friend/relative/(add something else here) died!! i never really know what to say to stuff like that well heres the best advice i have: say "deepest sympathies. I know that there are really no words to describe your loss. Know I’m here for you anytime if you need someone to talk to.
    If you’ve personally experienced the situation before you could add, “I know what it’s like to lose a loved one and how challenging this time can be.” but if you havent dont try and pretend like you have.
  4. ok so in this one You're trapped in an awkward situation where you're expected to converse with an ex-boyfriend. well first of all try to keep the focus on him by asking general questions about his life to try to avoid the even more awkward situation of you being in the hot seat.

...alright so im gonna go i hoped i helped you out but if your reading this and i didnt answer your quetion just email me at


lots of love <3


Posted by emilyandchristy at 5:38 PM EST
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Monday, 19 November 2007
Mood:  on fire

Sarah McWilliams...aka the EVIL MC EVIL lol (hence the title) is one of the worst people you would NEVER want to meet in your life. she is a punk ass little bitch otherwords a skank bag whore. She went out with c-dawg's neighbor and forced him not to talk to her, then after they broke up u think u can befriend her now right? WRONG!!!! in fact, she's worst! she tries to ruin EVERYTHING in c-dawg's life. thankfully, i am here to knock some sense into that cunt! (or trip some) she is someone nobody what-so-ever should trust or even look at actually (u might catch it)

well, i hope you have learned something today about the sluttiest, lonliest, bitch in the world lol
she is just a stupid tart!

lots of love <3

~EMi & C-Dawg

Posted by emilyandchristy at 6:41 PM EST
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THE mother fucking ditzes
Mood:  cheeky
BY: EMi Tongue out

OK, so i dont know if you've noticed but WE are THE mother fucking ditzes of this joint. we have the most crazy times out of everyone and its probably because of that. we have plenty of stories that we will tell about these ditz times but i am just telling you now...not many have been able to handle them...or us for that matter. as u could see by christy leigh's blog....we cant speel for shit either...or at least her haha (my bad c-dawg)  also we have our own language that u might get a chance to hear... we cant say 5 minute speeches in complete jibberish but this is better! allllso we have the best inside jokes...but unfortunately u are on the outside, hopefully WHEN u get to know us better we will bring u inside the loop (just keep it on the dl, THE DL!!!!)

lots of love <3


Posted by emilyandchristy at 6:20 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 19 November 2007 6:27 PM EST
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Mood:  party time!


by: christy

yay this is exciting.

so today at my school there were 2 1/2 fights  and they were all hillarius. ok so why 2 1/2 you ask? well ill start from the start off these 2 girls at our school named tracey and hannah got into a fight which is not good because their boyfriends are like best friends, but i think its funny because i hate traceys bf. neither i nor emily saw the fight but we believe that tracey won. ok so #2, during my lunch period aly rachel got in a fight  me and emily dont like either of them but we like aly better. all of a sudden there was screaming so i looked up and aly was beating down hard on rachel and rachel was just kinda sitting there, after a while she tried to fight back but it didnt work so well. the vice prncple came in and yanked aly off of rachel and walked her out everyone onegave her a standing ovation as she left the room gracefully...needless to say aly won. now  the last and weirdest "fight" after last period i was walking out the door and all of a sudden i heard someone scream MOTHER FUCKER. i thaught to myself  "omfg wtf just happened" i look around to see this girl named kelsey in a rage walking in the door  there was a big mob of people following her screaming things along the lines of kick her ass, beat her down, kill her, beat that mofo etc. "hmmmm" i thaught this seems like it could beinteresting i followed her to see what was about to go down, but she couldnt find who ever she was looking for... she was just kinda standing and screaming (( it was kinda scary in a "shes crazy" kinda way)) the vice principal came and tried to calm her down i had to meet shaylin so i didnt really get to see how it ended but im sure it was hillarius.

           this may not seem funny to a school that has fights break out on a daily basis but my school is boring this stuff doesnt happen alot because most of the people at my school are pussys but today however was the most interesting thing that has happened there in a while.

lots of luv <3


Posted by emilyandchristy at 6:15 PM EST
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